Buying, Selling and Collecting Gold Coins and Investing in Gold

Right now, gold is at its highest amount in years. It is a good time to invest and buy gold. But how can you? You will learn the different ways of buying, selling, and collecting gold coins or jewelry. There is no shortage to where you can find them.

Investing in gold jewelry is already easy. You may have some in your jewelry box, or you could have received some for a gift. Just because gold jewelry is at a high price right now, doesn’t mean it isn’t reasonable. You can buy gold at an affordable amount. Look at your retail or jewelry stores. Luckily, you’ll find a necklace or ring you can buy right now. When investing in jewelry, you will have to keep it for a few years before deciding to sell it.

The same goes with buying gold coins. Many people buy gold coins in order to sell them, trade them, invest in them, or collect them. No matter what you want to do with your coins, they will increase in value. Some jewelry stores may carry gold coins. But of course you can find them at trading posts, online, or at auctions or pawn shops. The Internet is a great way to find and buy gold coins. Overtime, you can invest in them like you do with your gold jewelry.

Many people will use auction web sites to find the oldest and rarest coins. This is a smart way to shop, if you have the money. You can hold on to your coins and watch them increase even more! You can get a lot more than what you paid for in the first place.

When buying any gold jewelry or coins, make sure it’s 100% real. There are jewelers and stores that will sell counterfeit gold. You have to be careful when purchasing gold. Make sure that you know your carat and gold color. You may be investing or selling something that’s fake or gold plated. Then, you won’t receive any money from it. There are a lot of resources that will help you in finding pure gold. You can either look at your local library or the Internet for more information.

Selling your gold jewelry and coins is an easier process. There are a lot of places that will buy gold from you. Some trustworthy businesses would be jewelers, auctioneers, and pawn shops.

Be wary of the various advertisements that promise you in getting cash for gold. Most of these companies will actually give you a lesser amount of money. Always do your shopping before deciding which company to sell your gold to. You want to be able to have a profit, not a loss.

Investing in gold is a great option to have, especially when you need extra money. This could happen any time of the year. With a little smart research and know-ho, you can earn the money that you want with your gold.

eBay For Fun and Profit – Buying, Selling, and Profiting on eBay


Imagine if you want to sell your old bike, and you put a classified ad in your local newspaper. It could be seen by many people, but putting that same bike on eBay would expose it to several million people searching for products on eBay everyday. eBay has built the largest person-to-person trading community on earth, using the Internet. eBay helps buyers and sellers come together in two main ways. Several sellers offer merchandise at a fixed price model “Buy It Now.” They are akin to traditional shopping mall retailers. This model accounted for almost thirty percent of eBay sales during the financial year of 2006. But most sellers prefer to use eBay’s auction engine. Auctions have been eBay’s long-term focus and success recipe.

Most auctions start with a minimum listed price and a fixed length of time (usually few weeks) over which the seller will accept bids. They typically follow a “second-price” a.k.a. the highest bidder wins but pays the price offered by the second highest bidder. These types of auction provide lots of information to buyers and sellers, and they are transparent. In practice, if not in theory, it tends to avoid the winner’s curse, which arises when the high bid is based on over-estimation of an item’s value, since the winner pays only the second-highest bid. Sellers can also opt to fix a reserve price at which they can refuse to sell the item. This price is higher than the minimum offered price; the fact that there is a reserve is disclosed to bidders, but in true auction spirit, the amount isn’t, making the pursuit all the more interesting.

However, hours of searching and evaluating auction pages can send your head spinning like the special effects in movie: Spiderman III. The question most people ask is, “Once I have homed in on two or three possibilities out of five gazillion auctions, how do I find them again? Sweat not. To keep you organized, eBay creates a personal page for you and you alone. Your “My eBay” pages highlights stuff you are bidding on, auctions where you have been outbid, and auctions you have won and have to pay for. With My eBay you can manage buying, selling, your favorites, and much more. You can access this section from any eBay page by clicking the “My eBay” link on the top navigation bar. The section actually offers several different pages, which you access by clicking the appropriate links contained in the navigation menu along the left side of the page.


Profitability from eBay auctions will come from consistent application the perennial mantra, buy low and sell high. Find sources of merchandise at the lowest possible prices and then sell those products at top dollar. Pay extensive attention to mixed lot auctions by eBay Power Sellers. Smart “eBayers” scour listings that are poorly designed and have very few or zero bids. They pick up real bargains this way and then, put up a more enticing “marketable” listing and sell those items for profit.

Buying an Auction Software – Make Your Online Auctions Easier to Manage

The popularity of auction sites like eBay has grown steadily such that some people now sell in the and use their profits as their main source of income. Unlike casual sellers or buyers on the site, these individuals constantly list, sell or pack products for the website. If you a serious eBay user just like them, then you can benefit a lot from using an auction software to help you organize your online auction store activities.

Picking the right software

Before making any purchase, buyers like yourself should assess online auction business activities to see what needs help or what needs to be improved. This is to make sure that the software that you will purchase is exactly what you need.

You may need either one of these two types (among many other types of auction software):

Market Analysis Programs – These applications provide an overall portrait of shopping and pricing behavior. It alerts you when your competitors are slashing rates for similar products, for example.

Auction Marketing Programs – There are also programs that help sellers like you advertise and market products. One program even allows sellers to post all the items they are selling on one page. This makes it easier for buyers to view all products, and provides you an easier way to quickly update your inventory.

Tips when buying an auction software

Aside from discovering what your business needs, there are other things to consider before purchasing an auction software:

1. Assess your computer’s capabilities, operating system, memory etc. to make sure that it can run the software you are buying.

2. Make a test run of a program using its trial version. The auction software trial version usually last for 30 days (sometimes less). This is ample time for you to assess its pro’s and con’s.

10 Top Tips For Buying & Selling On Ebay !

Almost everyone now knows what eBay is. For those that don’t, it’s an online auction website that is massively popular… and still growing. It’s great for people looking to pick up a bargain as well as selling things you don’t need. It’s also great for merchants. eBay gives you the potential customers and the traffic. All you have to do is create an advertisement and sell your item. eBay charges you a nominal amount to list your item and then takes a cut if it sells. If it doesn’t sell then you can relist it again.

Here are 10 top tips you should follow when buying/selling on ebay. These are my own tips speaking from experience as a powerseller: -

1. Before buying anything expensive, check the merchants feedback. Check that they haven’t built up a feedback rating on sand by selling cheap items. Fraud is not common, but it does happen. Do some detective work before committing to buy.

2. Pay by Paypal when purchasing items. If you don’t receive your item or you have problems with the seller, you can contact paypal and launch a complaint/investigation.

3. If you have a bad experience on ebay, before jumping in and leaving negative feedback, contact your seller. Communication is everything and small misunderstandings can blow out of proportion.

4. Before listing an item for sale, check to see if the price you are trying to sell it for is realistic. eBay market is competitive so if you try and sell the really obvious, be prepared to be in competition with merchants that have massive buying power to negotiate deals.

5. If you have an item that isn’t selling, ask yourself why. Don’t keep relisting it. Check your picture, check your description, check the category it’s in and check the price you are trying to sell it for is achievable.

6. When dispatching an item to a buyer that has paid by Paypal, check to see if the address is ‘confirmed’ or ‘unconfirmed’. If it’s unconfirmed then you aren’t protected by Paypal if anything goes wrong. You could end up being faced with a reverse transaction on your hands!

7. Make sure the picture of the item you are selling does it justice. Always take a picture!

8. If you sell regularly, invite your customers to sign up for your newsletter. Let them know about new products you have for sale

9. Always inform your buyers when you have dispatched their item.

10. If you haven’t sent the item after a few days you will start getting emails asking where their item is they have paid for. Don’t get into this situation – dispatch things quickly. If you can’t do that, then let your customer know when they can expect delivery or they will start to worry.